Residential Centres


“Residential trips are great because you have loads of fun and you learn how to be away from your family, which makes you more confident. “  Y6 Pupil

Our school always look for opportunities to try to enrich the Curriculum. During their time at St Margaret’s, children will have the chance to go on Residential visits or school/class trips. We feel these are an excellent opportunity for children to extend their learning whilst developing their own social skills.

There are many other trips that classes attend throughout the year. These may include such places as local Art Museums, local places of worship, and other places of interest which will enrich pupils curriculum learning.

In Year 5 and Year 6 our children often go for a week to the Frank Chapman Centre for a week long residential visit, exploring various aspects of outdoor education, including, climbing, mountain biking, navigation, team-building and challenging themselves on a high ropes course.