Wellbeing Team

In the Wellbeing Team at St. Margaret’s, we complete a range of activities to raise awareness of the importance of health- both physical and mental, staying safe and dangers in the physical world and online. We discuss any concerns we have as a group and talk about new things we can do to help everyone at school stay happy and safe. In the meetings throughout the year we research and plan activities, complete safety activities or design new displays for informing children around school. We also have an important job of organising and preparing for World mental Health day (October) Safer Internet Day (usually in February) where we will deliver an assembly in front of the school and think about an activity for each class to complete based on the theme for that year. Near the end of the year, we will produce a booklet or leaflet for parents to show them all the things we have been doing and new things we have learnt.

This World Mental Health day we raised over £280 for Young Minds Charity through our #HelloYellow day.