Online Safety

Internet Access in School:

• Children do not have free access to the internet in school.
• Internet access for pupils, generally takes place during lessons in the ICT suite, Cyber cafe area or classroom.
• Suitable sites are given to the children for their work.
• Children using the internet outside lesson time do so with the permission of a member of staff, whom takes responsibility for the safe use of the internet.
• Teachers using internet sites for lessons in the classroom will have used their professional judgement about the suitability of the materials contained on the site. In addition unsuitable materials will have their access denied on the school site.
• The school will take reasonable precautions to make sure that users of the internet in school can only access appropriate material.
• Virus protection is updated regularly.
• E-Safety rules will be displayed in the computer suite and all areas of the school where computers are in use.
• All teachers will remind children of the appropriate internet safety rules as part of lesson starters.