Online Safety

E-Safety in the school environment concerns the protection of users, particularly children, of all connectable technology, especially when using the internet, email and mobile communication technology. The Byron Report (27/3/2008) has some startling statistics that underline the need for everyone to adopt e-safe practices and to share the responsibility for child protection.

Our vision for the Computing Curriculum

St Margaret’s C of E primary School regards ICT as an essential life skill and a tool which enables our whole school community to become active and independent learners and communicators.
Our aims are to:
• Enable all our staff, pupils, parents and governors to be confident, competent, safe and independent users of ICT.
• Promote the use of a wide range of up-to-date ICT resources to enhance and enrich teaching and learning in a way which motivates and enthuses our children.
• To provide an environment where access to ICT resources is natural and commonplace and is regarded as an integral part of our everyday practices and administration management.