Our curriculum is taught as separate subjects and where ever possible we try to make learning links. We believe that it is important that the content of the curriculum is taught in a fun and contextual way so that it has meaning and relevance for every child. All our lessons have differentiated learning so that the needs of all children can be met. We try to enhance children’s learning by incorporating into all our planning educational visits and expert professional providers such as artists, musicians and authors so that our children have a wide breadth of experiences and memorable moments.

  Curriculum 2018-2019 (25.1 KiB, )

  Nursery Curriculum Map 2018-2019 (14.6 KiB, )

  Reception Timetable 2018-2019 (28.8 KiB, )

  Year 1 Curriculum Map 2018-2019 (99.0 KiB, )

  Year 2 Curriculum 2018-2019 (34.5 KiB, )

  Year 3 Parent booklet 2018-2019 (146.0 KiB, )

  Year 4 Parent Booklet 2018-2019 (146.5 KiB, )

  Year 5 Parent booklet 2018-2019 (145.5 KiB, )

  Curriculum Map Year 6 2018-2019 (22.0 KiB, )